Turkey Citizenship By Investment Program 2020

The process of Turkey becoming a fully paid-up member of the EU has been painfully slow, but with the imminent departure of their prime antagonist the UK – has never been closer. As soon as Turley becomes an EU member, the value of its passport will become the same as that of Germany, France, Italy and Spain. In other words, it will go from €250,000 to between €2.5 and €5 million.

The current €75,000 price for a Turkish passport and is a short term offer only. Citizenship comes with ownership of a piece of Turkish real estate you have purchased, be it a apartment, a family villa, a business or some land.


Fast Track Service

We offer a Fast Track solution for Turkish Citizenship by Investment.

If a client can prove that they or their family are in a distress situation in terms of potential loss of liberty, fear of danger due to persecution or impending financial devastation, Buysecondcitizenship.com can Fast Track their application so that they will receive second citizenship within 30 days or less.

Expedited Citizenship Services have an additional cost of 10% added to the final price.

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Citizenship Package Information

Application processing time  

30 days

Minimum Investment


Visa-free travel countries


Receive Passport, Identity card, and Driver’s License

45 days

Receive Naturalization Certificate and Enjoy Benefits of Turkish Citizenship for Life


Receive Tax Number


Receive Physical Address in City of your choice


Acquiring Turkish Citizenship By Real Estate Investment

If you are interested in becoming a Turkish citizen, here are the three main investment options for you to consider:


A €75,000 Property/Land Purchase Within Turkish Borders

  • The €75,000 purchase can be for a residential property such as an apartment or villa, or a commercial property purchase such as a business or some land
  • After three years of ownership the purchased property can be rented out for income or sold
  • Investors are not limited by the size of the investment they make, nor of the amount of properties they purchase, as long as the overall expenditure is no less than €75,000


A €500,000 Cash Investment

  • This is a fixed-asset investment that will be confirmed by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology
  • The figure of $500,000 must be deposited into a Turkish bank account for a minimum of 3 years
  • This investment will be used to purchase Turkish Government Bonds which we be held for three years. The interest these bonds will generate will add up to substantial income


A Company Set-up

  • Option three requires the establishment of a business in Turkey
  • This business must lead to the creation of jobs for at least 50 Turkish employees
  • This project must be examined and confirmed by the Turkish Ministry of Labour and Social Security


Benefits Of The Turkish Citizenship By Investment Program

Here are just some of the many benefits to consider if you are thinking about embarking on this program:

  • You will be guaranteed Turkish citizenship within 2-4 months
  • Your investment will result in a piece of Turkish real estate that will only increase in value and could earn you money
  • As a Turkish passport holder you can enjoy Visa-Free Travel to 115 countries
  • You will be a guaranteed EU passport holder when Turkey becomes part of the European Union
  • You will be the owner of Property Backed By Turkish Government
  • Your Turkish Citizenship can be shared with other members of your family
  • After 3 years you are free to sell your investment at a profit


The Road To Turkey’s Inevitable EU Acceptance

Back in June 2017, the European Commission announced that it was granting Turkish citizens unlimited access to Europe’s passport-free Schengen area, in reward for Turkey’s decision to take back migrants who had crossed the Aegean Sea to Greece.

In order to achieve this level of EU acceptance, Turkey had to meet all of the criterial demands imposed by the E.U, mainly that Turkey would do their part to control migration. At the time, this move looked like the first real step to Turkey’s acceptance as a full E.U member, something the nation has been campaigning for since the 1980s.

Fast forward three years, and not much has changed in terms of Turkish EU acceptance. The main reason why they aren’t quite there yet is clearly down to Turkey’s pugnacious president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan (pictured above). The vast majority of Turkish citizens would seem happy just to merge with the West and enjoy the increased work opportunities and quality of life that EU membership would bring.

However, Erdogan, instead of focusing his attention on making EU membership a reality,  keeps involving his nation in wars with the Kurds and skirmishes with Russia, almost as if he is purposefully jeopardizing his country’s chances of EU acceptance.

The next Turkish elections are set for 2023. Should Erdogan – who will be almost 70 – lose, and Turkey and the EU have been working harmoniously behind the scenes, 2023 could also be the year Turkey becomes an EU member.

Or, Erdogan, post coronavirus, might have a change of heart and instead of holding his country back, wish be remembered as the leader that took Turkey to its rightful place alongside the great countries of Europe.


Become A Turkish Citizen While It’s Affordable

In recent years, increasingly large numbers of high net-worth business people from the Middle-East, Africa and Asia and Eastern Europe and Eurasia have been desperate for unlimited access to the Schengen zone, and have previously needed to apply for a visa for every country they wished to enter.

For example, if a business person from Saudi Arabia wanted to visit France, Belgium, Austria and Germany during a business tour, they would have need visas to enter all of those countries. However, following the 2017 decree from the European Commission, as Turkish citizens they would need no visas at all, and instead would have full access to all 26 nations of the Schengen Agreement.

Large numbers of these well-educated  and ambitious people have “taken the plunge” and invested in Turkish citizenship. Why not make 2020 the year that you joined them! At the very least, you will have unlimited access to that all-important Schengen Zone, but hopefully very soon you will also be the prod holder of an EU passport, and al for an outlay of just €250,000, which you will get back – plus profits and interest – after three years.

Citizenship By Investment Programs

Austria Citizenship Program€250,000
Belgium Citizenship Program€200,000
Bulgaria Citizenship Program€65,000
Croatia Citizenship Program€175,000
Czech Republic Citizenship Program€200,000
France Citizenship Program€200,000
Hungary Citizenship Program€200,000
Italy Citizenship Program€190,000
Mexico Citizenship Program€120,000
Holland Citizenship Program€175,000
Poland Citizenship Program€175,000
Slovakia Citizenship Program€52,000
Slovenia Citizenship Program€50,000
Spain Citizenship Program€200,000
Turkey Citizenship Program€75,000

Citizenship Process

  • 1. Discuss with our immigration advisers

    Our advisers will evaluate your circumstances and work with you to select the most suitable citizenship option.

  • 2. Documentation Preparation

    A checklist will be provided and we will guide you through the required documents. Our advisers will be check all documents for compliance.

  • 3. Citizenship Application

    Your application for citizenship will be submitted along with supporting documents confirming your investment.

  • 4. Processing of application

    Each applicant is vetted by the government for a due diligence check.

  • 5. Citizenship approval

    Once the application has been processed and approved, you will be issued with a residence permit.

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