Slovakia Citizenship By Investment

While Slovenia grabs great reviews for its scenery, its standard of living, EU status and powerful passport, the nearby nation of Slovakia has gone under the radar, despite matching Slovenia in all facets, but being twice as big a country with twice the population!


Fast Track Service

We offer a Fast Track solution for Slovakian Citizenship by Investment.

If a client can prove that they or their family are in a distress situation in terms of potential loss of liberty, fear of danger due to persecution or impending financial devastation, can Fast Track their application so that they will receive second citizenship within 30 days or less.

Expedited Citizenship Services have an additional cost of 10% added to the final price.

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Citizenship Package Information

Application processing time  

90 days

Minimum Investment


Visa-free travel countries


Receive Passport, Identity Card, and Driver’s License

90 days

Receive Naturalization Certificate


Receive Tax Number


Receive Physical Address in City of your choice


Easy employment in many countries


Freedom of Movement in All Schengen Countries and to United Kingdom without visa & United States


Slovakia Citizenship By Investment

While Slovenia grabs great reviews for its scenery, its standard of living, EU status and powerful passport, the nearby nation of Slovakia has gone under the radar, despite matching Slovenia in all facets, but being twice as big a country with twice the population!

Slovakia Citizenship Benefits In Summary

  • Excellent Value At €150,000
  • The Program Will Gant You Slovakian Citizenship & Passport Within 60 Working Days
  • You Will Receive A Naturalization Certificate And Enjoy All Benefits Of Slovakian Citizenship For Life
  • You Will Receive A Slovakian Tax Number
  • You Can Make Your Investment Purchase Anywhere In Slovakia
  • You Can Enjoy Visa Free Travel To 181 countries.
  • The Slovakian Passport Is Ranked 11th In The World, Ahead Of Slovenia, Iceland, Estonia and UAE
  • Freedom Of Movement In All Schengen Countries And To United Kingdom Without Visa


How To Become A Slovakian Citizen

We know that Slovakia is like  a larger version of the highly regarded Slovenia, with much of the same appeal, just on a broader canvas. Like Slovenia, Slovakia is a beautiful country with a thriving economy, one of the highest living standards in all of Europe, with an excellent standard of free education at every level, plus free health care for all the family.

Most exciting of all is that like Slovenia, Slovakia is an EU member state, and there is literally nothing more desirable to an ambitious non-EU national looking to be highly successful in business than becoming an EU passport holder, with the respect and freedom of movement that entails.

The current cost of achieving Slovakian citizenship is a €150,00 investment in Slovakia, normally in the shape of a real estate purchase, which must be owned by the investor for a minimum five years.

From the start of the procedure to the handing over of documents takes 60 working days, or just over two months. The investment is normally the purchase of real estate that must be kept by the investor for a minimum of five years.


About Slovakia

Slovakia is a landlocked Central European nation bordered by Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east, Hungary to the south, Austria to the southwest, and the Czech Republic to the northwest. Slovakia’s land mass covers 49,000 square kilometres with a population of 5.7 million. Until the early 90s and the fall of the Soviet Union and the so-called Eastern Bloc it was joined with the  Czech Republic to form Czechoslovakia. These two nations had a peaceful dissolution into the Czech Republic and Slovakia on 1 January 1993.

Slovakia’s capital and largest city is Bratislava,  although with a population of less than 450,000, it is one of Europe’s smallest capitals, and yet certainly one of the most unforgettable. It is wide and flat and full of stunning architecture, with a smattering of modern designs only adding to the effect. Bratislava is home to some of Europe’s richest old families, and its region is ranked as the third richest in Europe, behind only Hamburg and Luxembourg.

Slovakia Stats & Facts

  • Slovakia became a member of the European Union in May 2004 and joined the Eurozone in January 2009. It is also a signed-up member of the Schengen Agreement
  • Slovakia is famous the world over for high number of medieval castles and prehistoric caves
  • Slovakia has a thriving auto industry, and is the 6th largest car producer in the EU
  • Slovakia citizens receive free health care and free education up to university level

All of these facts only add to the case for Slovakia being an ideal Citizenship by Investment opportunity and destination. Slovakia has long embraced the value of being a democracy, and economically  is on an upward curve that is unmatched anywhere in Europe.

Citizenship By Investment Programs

Austria Citizenship Program€250,000
Belgium Citizenship Program€200,000
Bulgaria Citizenship Program€65,000
Croatia Citizenship Program€175,000
Czech Republic Citizenship Program€200,000
France Citizenship Program€200,000
Hungary Citizenship Program€200,000
Italy Citizenship Program€190,000
Mexico Citizenship Program€120,000
Holland Citizenship Program€175,000
Poland Citizenship Program€175,000
Slovakia Citizenship Program€52,000
Slovenia Citizenship Program€50,000
Spain Citizenship Program€200,000
Turkey Citizenship Program€75,000

Citizenship Process

  • 1. Discuss with our immigration advisers

    Our advisers will evaluate your circumstances and work with you to select the most suitable citizenship option.

  • 2. Documentation Preparation

    A checklist will be provided and we will guide you through the required documents. Our advisers will be check all documents for compliance.

  • 3. Citizenship Application

    Your application for citizenship will be submitted along with supporting documents confirming your investment.

  • 4. Processing of application

    Each applicant is vetted by the government for a due diligence check.

  • 5. Citizenship approval

    Once the application has been processed and approved, you will be issued with a residence permit.

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