Poland Citizenship By Investment Program

Until very recently, gaining Polish citizenship was almost impossible. Now suddenly, Poland are allowing Citizenship by Investment for a trial period, and the result is a program that is both excellent value, but also encompasses a Polish driving license, Naturalization Certificate and Tax Number

Poland Citizenship Benefits In Summary

  • Economical Cost Of Just €175,000 Per Applicant
  • Applicants will receive a Polish Passport, Identity card, and Driver’s License within 90 working days
  • Applicants will receive the Polish Naturalization Certificate and enjoy the full health, educational and welfare benefits of Polish Citizenship for life
  • Applicants will receive a Polish Tax Number
  • Applicants can purchase property anywhere within Poland’s borders
  • Poland’s passport is the 11th most powerful in the world, with visa-free access to 181 countries
  • Becoming a Polish/EU citizen and passport holder will make finding employment far easier in many countries
  • Polish/EU citizenship and passport equates to freedom of movement in all Schengen Area countries, the US and the United Kingdom without a visa

Poland is a democratic country in Eastern Europe that borders Germany to the west, Russia to the east, as well as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic Sea. Since 2004 Poland has been a member of the European Union and the Schengen Area.

With EU membership the Polish citizenship and passport became a very valuable commodity, and highly desirable to wealthy but travel-restricted business people from the Middle East, Africa and Asia. However, the Polish government steadfastly refused to entertain any notion of a Citizenship by Investment program.

Until now.

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Citizenship Package Information

Application processing time  

90 days

Visa-free travel countries


Minimum Investment


Receive Passport, Identity card, and Driver’s License

90 days

Receive Naturalization Certificate


Receive Tax Number


Receive Physical Address in City of your choice


Easy employment in many countries


Freedom of Movement in All Schengen Countries and to United Kingdom without visa & United States


How To Achieve Polish Citizenship

Of all of the EU citizenship programs we at BuySecondCitizenship.com offer, the Polish package is the most detailed and concise. Not only will applicants receive Polish citizenship and a Polish passport, they will also receive a Polish ID card and driving license, a Polish Tax number and Polish Naturalization Certificate.

All that is required from the applicant is an investment of €175,000 into the country of Poland. This money can be used to purchase an apartment or a town house anywhere in Poland. The citizenship process takes 90 working days, or just over three months.

About Poland

The polish nation and people suffered disproportionately during WW2, and it speaks volumes of the Polish people and their indomitable spirit that they were able to rebuild their country and maintain their Polish-ness, all under the shadow of the repressive communist regime that ruled over them from 1945 until 1989.

In fact it was a Polish union leader named Lech Walesa who caused the first cracks in the Soviet ruled Eastern Bloc of countries. Lech Walesa and his “Solidarity” party stormed to victory in the first ever post-war Polish elections in 1989,  and soon after Poland become the first nation to break free from the USSR. That Polish action caused a domino effect with other Eastern Bloc countries communist governments being ousted, leading to the all-out collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990.

Once free of their communist shackles, Poland set about catching up with their Western European neighbors. Free elections guaranteed Poland became and remained a democracy. In 1999 they joined NATO, and in 2004 became EU members.

How Brexit May Benefit Poland

Poland has achieved a ranking of “very high” on both the HDI (Human Development Index) and Global Peace Index for the Safest Countries in the World to live in. Poland is recognized as an advanced, high-income economy, the sixth largest in Europe after Germany, the UK, France, Italy and Spain.

In 2016 the British public voted to sever their ties with the European Union, and in 2019 Britain officially left the EU. Poland’s prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki was elected in 2017 and under his leadership, Poland have pushed themselves to the political and commercial forefront and made themselves an outstanding contender to fill that UK-sized hole in the EU’s business and banking sectors.

Such interest in Poland as a potential hub for big business and high finance is long overdue. Since the late 1980s Poland has been the standard-bearer in the East for how to run a country democratically, and for many years has boasted a living standard on a par to that of the wealthiest nations in the West, and with health and education systems that are ranked among the best in the world.



The Benefits Of Polish Citizenship

Here are just a handful of the many benefits to be had from becoming a Polish citizen:

EU Citizenship

For the vast majority of applicants who desire a new citizenship, that the country is an EU member state is invariably top of their wish list. The prestige that comes with being a citizen of an EU member state – and therefore becoming an EU citizen – will be truly life changing for an applicant.

The typical applicant for second citizenship to an EU country is an ambitious, hard-working high net-worth individual from a nation in the Middle East, Africa or Asia. These countries are invariably run by harsh, oppressive regimes with aggressive foreign policies, such as Iran. The limited access these nation’s passports have to democratic countries across the world is a reflection of such foreign policies.

Suddenly obtaining EU citizenship will literally be a passport to freedom for such individuals, and visa-free travel to 160+ countries worldwide, as well as the freedom to live and work indefinitely in any of the 28 nations that makes up the European Union will be a game-changer like no other.

Polish: A Nationality To Be Proud Of

Poland is one of the few nations on earth that is almost universally respected both as a nation and as a people. Poles are recognised the world over as thoroughly decent, hard-working, family orientated people. In the UK for example, a vast influx of skilled Polish workers earlier in the new millennium soon turned into a collective appreciation of these Polish workers, whose standard of work was invariably far superior to their UK counterpart, and for a fraction of the cost.

When the majority of these workers returned to Poland a few years later with the Polish economy was on the upswing – largely due to their 2004 EU membership – the UK was sorry to see them go.

To be able to hold up ones passport and declare oneself to be a Citizen of Poland would surely fill most second citizenship applicants with nothing but pride.

Sudden Freedom Of Movement

As an applicant for second citizenship, the chances that you hail from a country in Africa, Asia, or the Middle East are high. You will be only too aware how frustrating it is to constantly have to apply for visas every time you wish to travel abroad.

The day you take your brand new citizenship and passport and put it through its paces – i.e., plan a series of business flights in succession – to nations you would normally have to go forearmed with visas, and sail through each customs with just a flash of your new passport will be one of the best days of your life.

Value For Money

The Polish citizenship program is truly excellent value. Not only is €175,000 a great price for EU citizenship – especially to a large country like Poland – that price includes all valid documentation the applicant will ever need, including a Polish driving license.

World’s 11th Most Powerful Passport

The Polish passport is currently ranked 11th by the World Passport Index, with visa free access to 181 countries, including all of Western Europe, parts of Eastern Europe, all of North, South and Central America, Australia, and some parts of Africa.

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Croatia Citizenship Program€175,000
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Poland Citizenship Program€175,000
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Citizenship Process

  • 1. Discuss with our immigration advisers

    Our advisers will evaluate your circumstances and work with you to select the most suitable citizenship option.

  • 2. Documentation Preparation

    A checklist will be provided and we will guide you through the required documents. Our advisers will be check all documents for compliance.

  • 3. Citizenship Application

    Your application for citizenship will be submitted along with supporting documents confirming your investment.

  • 4. Processing of application

    Each applicant is vetted by the government for a due diligence check.

  • 5. Citizenship approval

    Once the application has been processed and approved, you will be issued with a residence permit.

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