Mexico Citizenship By Investment

Keen observers of the citizenship by investment market are well versed in the long-established Caribbean market. They have watched over the past decade as the EU market has become by far the largest in CBI. However, nobody could have predicted the sudden popularity of Citizenship by Investment – with Mexico!

Mexico  Citizenship Benefits In Summary

  • Great Value At €120,000 Per Applicant
  • You Will Receive A Mexican Passport, Identity Card & Driver’s License Within 90 Working Days
  • You Will Additionally Receive A Mexican Naturalization Certificate And Enjoy All Benefits Of Mexican Citizenship For Life
  • You Will Receive An Mexican Tax Number
  • You Can Make Your Investment Purchase Anywhere In Mexico
  • Your Passport, ID Card & Driver’s License Is Renewable Every 10 Years At Any Mexican Embassy Or Any Immigration Office In Mexico
  • As A Mexican Passport Holder You Can Enjoy Visa Free Travel To 157 countries. As Of January 2020 The Mexican Passport Is Ranked 24th in World
  • Easy Employment In Many Countries
  • The Ability To Access All Schengen Countries And To Travel To The United Kingdom Without Visa

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Citizenship Package Information

Application processing time  

90 days

Visa-free travel countries


Minimum Investment


Receive Passport, Identity card, and Driver’s License

90 days

Receive Naturalization Certificate


Receive Tax Number


Receive Physical Address in City of your choice


Easy employment in many countries


Freedom of Movement in All Schengen Countries and to United Kingdom without visa


How To Become An Mexican  Citizen

The Mexican Citizenship by Investor program gives aspiring  business people from the Middle East, Africa and Asia the perfect opportunity to become owners of a powerful passport that will give them access to the Schengen Zone plus the rest of the EU and the UK, greatly enhancing business opportunities.

As a Mexican citizen applicants can enjoy many life changing benefits that come with ownership of such a powerful passport. If you are used to needing visas whenever you travel abroad, then being treated with disrespect, even downright suspicion when you show your passport and visa, becoming a Mexican will be life-changing for you.

Mexican citizenship grants you a level of global respect that you most likely weren’t accustomed to when you travelled on your old passport. It automatically elevates you to the status of citizen of one of the largest democratic nations on the planet.

Mexican  CBI Program Requirements

The Mexico  Citizenship by Investor program is aimed at ambitious entrepreneurs and investors who are keen to take their business to the next level, and know that a passport with EU access is the tool that can take them there.

Mexico are keen to take on new investors who – once they receive Mexican  citizenship – will continue to add to the Mexican  economy over the coming years.

Applicants for the Mexican  Citizenship by Investment program are required to:

  • Have proven assets of at least €120,000
  • To be willing to make an investment in Mexico by way of a real estate purchase for the minimum of €120,000
  • To then go ahead and purchase either property or land to the value of at least €120,000 within the borders of Mexico
  • To allow 90 working days for the Mexican citizenship process to run its course
  • To maintain purchased real estate or land for a period of five years minimum

Benefits Of Becoming A Mexican Citizen

  • Mexican citizenship is great value at €120,000
  • There are no physical requirement for the applicant to live in Mexico
  • Mexico is one of the most active countries in international relations
  • A Mexican passport will allow you to travel, reside, invest, bank, and do business in places that previously were out of your reach without significant visa approval
  • Mexican citizenship has many tax benefits
  • As a Mexican citizen you will receive permanent residency and have the right to live, work, claim state benefits, pay taxes and vote or be elected in all elections
  • You will receive the Panama Friendly Nations visa, giving visa free access to all Latin American nations
  • Mexico has the fifteenth largest nominal GDP and the eleventh largest by purchasing power parity.
  • Mexico ranks first in the Americas and seventh in the world for its number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • The Mexican passport grants visa free 157 countries including Canada, UK, New Zealand, the Schengen Area plus other EU countries
  • Mexico offers many excellent real estate investment options only open to Mexican passport holders
  • An applicant can maintain dual citizenship
  • Mexico offers low costs for food, electrical good, clothes, petrol, amenities etc but a high standard of living


Why Choose Mexico?

You have decided you want Mexican citizesnhip, but you arent sure if you want to make it your permenant residence. Here are a few factors to consider:

Your Money Is Worth Triple

If you choose to make Mexico your base of operations, you will be amazed at how much you can get for your money. Everything is much cheaper in Mexico, including real estate, property, building materials, food, clothes, cars and other vehicles, boats, and holidays.

If you were to build your own dream house in Mexico, it would cost a fraction of the price it would in the US or Europe. You could effectively build the equivalent of a $20 million California mansion for an outlay of $2 million in land, building materials and labour in Mexico, complete with stunning sea views.

The Next Great Power

Mexico is one of the great emerging nations that have yet to fulfil their enourmous potential, but have the workforce and infrastructure to do so. Mexico is a vast land of 2 million KM2 with a huge population of 130 million. Mexico’s natural rescources are on a par with neighbours the United States, but unlike America, Mexico’s natural wealth remains largely untapped. With its size, population and natural rescources, many experts have long contested that Mexico will become the “next great power” sooner rather than later.

Secular Christian Country

If you hate to live in a country run by religious extremists, or the thought of living permanently in an EU nation like France where there is so much religious unrest, Mexico will seem like a breath of fresh air. Mexico is 90% Christian, of which most are Catholic. The next highest denominator are agnostic and atheist.

Even the most devout Catholic Mexicans would never ever look to enforce their beliefs on you. If you are Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist or any other religious group, you will be able to follow your religion with any fear of persecution.


While the official number of English-speaking Mexicans is 16 million, the reality is probably more like 50 million. Most Mexicans have known for generations that it is in their interests to speak English so that they can work for or trade with their close neighbors in the US and Canada.

The only Mexicans who speak no English at all are inland peasants and the people who live in the Mexican mountains and hills.

A Hop Away From The US

You may need to apply for a visa whenever you fly there, but the US is literally a stone’s throw from where you will be living. If you choose to drive over the border, your Mexican passport should ensure that you have safe passage every time.

So, your Mexican passport gives you massive access to the EU and the UK, even Canada, although ironically and for the moment at least, getting into your closest neighbor of all – the US – will still require a visa.

You Could Pass For Mexican!

If you are Middle Eastern or Arabic, and you are happy dressing and wearing your hair in a sharp, fashionable way, you could very likely pass for Mexican. The ethnic Mexicans are very dark skinned with black hair, but they have been mixed with centuries of Spanish and other European settlers have given many Mexicans are more European, even Middle Eastern look.

If you wish to fully embrace your new Mexican citizenship, learn some Spanish, and when you go through customs with your brand new Mexican passport, smile and announce yourself as Mexican, because even though your name might be Ahmed El Maghrabi, nobody will doubt you!

Low Coronavirus Zone

Mexico has had a relatively low amount of cases of Coronavirus, considering the size of the country and its proximity to the US. At the time of writing, the US had 1.36 million recorded cases of Coronavirus, while Mexico had just 33,500. US fatalities stood at 80,450, while Mexico’s Covid-19 departed was just 3,353, far lower than not only the US but every major EU country.

What this proves is that Mexico is a very safe place to live, especially during a pandemic, with excellent naturally high hygiene and cleanliness standards across the country, and excellent healthcare.

Citizenship By Investment Programs

Austria Citizenship Program€250,000
Belgium Citizenship Program€200,000
Bulgaria Citizenship Program€65,000
Croatia Citizenship Program€175,000
Czech Republic Citizenship Program€200,000
France Citizenship Program€200,000
Hungary Citizenship Program€200,000
Italy Citizenship Program€190,000
Mexico Citizenship Program€120,000
Holland Citizenship Program€175,000
Poland Citizenship Program€175,000
Slovakia Citizenship Program€52,000
Slovenia Citizenship Program€50,000
Spain Citizenship Program€200,000
Turkey Citizenship Program€75,000

Citizenship Process

  • 1. Discuss with our immigration advisers

    Our advisers will evaluate your circumstances and work with you to select the most suitable citizenship option.

  • 2. Documentation Preparation

    A checklist will be provided and we will guide you through the required documents. Our advisers will be check all documents for compliance.

  • 3. Citizenship Application

    Your application for citizenship will be submitted along with supporting documents confirming your investment.

  • 4. Processing of application

    Each applicant is vetted by the government for a due diligence check.

  • 5. Citizenship approval

    Once the application has been processed and approved, you will be issued with a residence permit.

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