Croatia Citizenship By Investment

Croatia is one of those countries that fits the bill of an “overachiever” that “punches above its weight”. Such a nation is built on the pride of its people, who are always seen to be 100% behind their sporting heroes, win lose or draw. If becoming part of a beautiful nation made up of proud, beautiful people appeals to you, the great news is that since 2013 Croatia are also part of the EU!

Croatia Citizenship Benefits In Summary

  • Great Value At €175,000 Per Applicant
  • You Will Receive A Croatian Passport, Identity Card & Driver’s License Within 75 Working Days
  • You Will Additionally Receive A Croatian Naturalization Certificate And Enjoy All Benefits Of Croatian Citizenship For Life
  • You Will Receive A Croatian Tax Number
  • You Can Make Your Investment Purchase Anywhere In Croatia
  • Your Passport, ID Card & Driver’s License Is Renewable Every 10 Years At Any Croatian Embassy Or Any Immigration Office In Croatia
  • As A Croatian Passport Holder You Can Enjoy Visa Free Travel To 170 countries. As Of January 2020 The Croatian Passport Is Ranked 19th in World
  • Your EU Citizenship Will Lead To Easy Employment In Many Countries Including Visa Waiver Program To USA
  • Freedom Of Movement In All Schengen Countries And To United Kingdom Without Visa

Croatia has been a member  of the EU since July 1, 2013, and is the last nation to be accepted.  Croatia’s geographic size is 56,594 km², and it has a population of 4,525,316, as per 2019. Croatia’s capital is Zagreb and the official language in Croatia is Croatian, although many Croats are also fluent in English. Although Croatia is not a member country of the Schengen Area, it’s citizens have full access to that zone.

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Citizenship Package Information

Application processing time  

75 days

Visa-free travel countries


Minimum Investment


Receive Passport, Identity card, and Driver’s License

75 days

Receive Naturalization Certificate


Receive Tax Number


Receive Physical Address in City of your choice


Easy employment in many countries


Freedom of Movement in All Schengen Countries and to United Kingdom without visa


How To Become A Croatian Citizen

The Croatian Citizenship by Investor program marks an excellent opportunity for an ambitious non-EU entrepreneur with aspirations of taking their business to a whole other level to receive what will prove to be the one tool they rely on the most – an EU passport.

Croatia were the last nation to be accepted into the EU back in 2013, and while the queue of countries desperate for acceptance into the European Union includes Turkey (applied in 1987), North Macedonia (applied in 2004), Montenegro (applied in 2008), Albania (applied in 2009), and Serbia (applied in 2009), as of yet Croatia were the last guest invited to what is the ultimate private members club.

Now thanks to the Croatia Citizenship by Investment program, entrepreneurs like you who feel their original citizenship is holding them back, can enjoy the freedom of movement that Europeans take for granted. A foreign entrepreneur who gains Croatian citizenship will enjoy all of the life changing benefits that come with that status of being part of a highly respected EU member state.

Becoming a Croatian citizen and passport holder means you are automatically elevated to the status of EU citizen, with all freedom that status gives you, and doors it opens for you. Banks and businesses that declined from working with you will now treat you as their special guest.

And finally, as an EU passport holder you will have the right to visit, live and work in all other European Union countries, for as long as you like – forever if you want. So, while you may hold a Croatian passport, if the climate of France, Spain or Italy is more to your taste, you stay in any – or all – of those counties for as long as you want.

Program Requirements

The Croatia  Citizenship by Investor program is specifically aimed at ambitious non-EU entrepreneurs and investors who are desperate to take their business – and their lives – to the next level. In return, Croatia    is keen to take on new investors who – via Croatian   citizenship – will continue to add to the Croatian economy.

Applicants for the Croatian Citizenship by Investment program are required to:

  • Have proven assets of at least €175,000
  • To be willing to make an investment in Croatia by way of a real estate purchase for the minimum of €175,000
  • To then go ahead and purchase either property or land to the value of at least €175,000 within the borders of Croatia
  • To allow 75 working days for the Croatian citizenship process to run its course
  • To maintain purchased real estate or land for a period of five years minimum


Benefits Of Choosing The Croatian Citizenship By Investment Program

Croatia   is an excellent choice for second citizenship in Europe. The benefits of becoming a Croatian  passport holder are many, so here’s just some of the reasons to choose the Croatian  CBI program:

  • With an outlay of as little as €175,000, the Croatian citizenship by investment program is excellent value, especially as Croatia are a full EU member state
  • As a Croatian citizen, applicants and their families will have complete freedom of movement throughout Europe’s Schengen Area
  • The Croatian passport is the 19th most powerful in the world, with visa-free access to 170 countries (although this figure looks set to rise substantially in the next few years). Those visa-free areas include the Americas (North, South, Central and the Caribbean) in its entirety, all of Western and parts of Eastern Europe, Southern Africa, parts of Asia, Southeast Asia and Australasia
  • EU Freedom – As a Croatian citizen and EU passport holder, an investor has the freedom to live, work and indeed make their home in any European Union country without restrictions on time and with the same rights as a citizen born to that country.

Key Advantages Of Owning Property, Residing & Working In Croatia

  • Croatia enjoys a high living standard and enjoy a rich quality of life
  • Croatia  is looking to expand its economy, and it is currently one of Europe’s most attractive jurisdictions for holding companies
  • Croatia  offers extremely attractive rates of corporate and private taxation
  • If you are looking to employ non-EU workers, Croatia has excellent residence conditions for non-EU citizens

About Croatia

Croatia is a Central European and Mediterranean country, bordering Slovenia to the west, Hungary to the north, Serbia to the east and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the south. Croatia also has a long maritime border with Italy in the Adriatic Sea.

Almost a third of Croatia’s 4.5 million population is situated in its four main cities – its capital Zagreb, (with a population of about 800,000), Split (population: 240,000), Rijeka (128,000) and Osijek (108,000).

Although Croatia’s history dates back to the 6th Century, from 1918 to 1991 it was part of Yugoslavia, along with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia. Unfortunately, the disintegration of Yugoslavia led to a decade of war.

In recent years, Croatia has gained international fame due to the exploits of its sports stars, including tennis ace Goran Ivanisevic who was Wimbledon champion in 2001. However, it is in team sports that Croatia really excels. The Croatian Olympic team has won 44 medals, 15 of them gold – since independence. The Croatian National Basketball team has medaled at the Olympics, World Championships and European Championships, the Croatian team won the Davis Cup in 2005, while the Croatian National Football team reached the final of the 2018 World Cup, losing to France.


For many years, dating back to the time when Croatia was part of Yugoslavia, it has been a hugely popular destination for both tourists and holidaymakers. Croatia has an incredible 5,835km of coastline, 4,057km of which belongs to islands, cliffs and reefs, only accessible to trained individuals who know the risks and know what they are doing.

The climate in Croatia is Mediterranean along the Adriatic coast, meaning warm dry summers and mild winters. With an average of 2,600 hours of sunlight per year, Croatia is one of the sunniest coastlines in Europe.

Croatia’s Coronavirus Record

At the time of writing, Croatia had won of the best records of repelling and controlling the notorious Coronavirus. Croatia had in total just 2,190 cases, of which only 90 had proved fatal. These figures indicate that the general standards of hygiene and health among Croatians is exceptionally high, and that the standard of healthcare is excellent.

Citizenship By Investment Programs

Austria Citizenship Program€250,000
Belgium Citizenship Program€200,000
Bulgaria Citizenship Program€65,000
Croatia Citizenship Program€175,000
Czech Republic Citizenship Program€200,000
France Citizenship Program€200,000
Hungary Citizenship Program€200,000
Italy Citizenship Program€190,000
Mexico Citizenship Program€120,000
Holland Citizenship Program€175,000
Poland Citizenship Program€175,000
Slovakia Citizenship Program€52,000
Slovenia Citizenship Program€50,000
Spain Citizenship Program€200,000
Turkey Citizenship Program€75,000

Citizenship Process

  • 1. Discuss with our immigration advisers

    Our advisers will evaluate your circumstances and work with you to select the most suitable citizenship option.

  • 2. Documentation Preparation

    A checklist will be provided and we will guide you through the required documents. Our advisers will be check all documents for compliance.

  • 3. Citizenship Application

    Your application for citizenship will be submitted along with supporting documents confirming your investment.

  • 4. Processing of application

    Each applicant is vetted by the government for a due diligence check.

  • 5. Citizenship approval

    Once the application has been processed and approved, you will be issued with a residence permit.

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